Meaning of lawgaw



v. 1. touch, stir up something with the bare hands. Panghunaw kay milawgaw ka man sa pasaw, Wash your hands because you stirred the slop with them. Ayawg lawgáwa nang túbig imnunun, Don’t stick your hands in the drinking water; 2. be all mixed up, confused. Naglawgaw ang iksplikasiyun. Wà kung kasabut, His explanation was all mixed up. I couldn’t understand it. 2a. get to be no good. Nalawgaw ang ílang sáyaw kay yabag ang dúyug, Their dance number was unsuccessful because the music was out of tune; 3. mix into something and disturb its orderly performance. Ngánung gilawgaw man nímu si Pidru nga nangamural? Why did you butt in on Pedro just when he was proposing? a. 1. falling below good standards. Lawgaw tawhána puru lang sáad, He is no good. He is all promises; 2. mixed up and chaotic. Lawgaw tung iliksiyúna, dúnay pálit, The election was chaotic with rampant vote-buying; 3. creating disturbance or confusion in an otherwise orderly performance. Ay siyag paintraha sa sáyaw kay lawgaw, Don’t let him take part in the folk dance because he tends to bungle. maN-r- n. one who habitually creates trouble and confusion in otherwise smooth and peaceful proceedings.