Meaning of laug



a. 1. liking something very much and, therefore, disliking to share it. Laug kaáyu kug ayis krim, I’m very fond of ice cream. Laug siyag bayli, She loves to dance; 2. selfish. Laug nga batáa, dílì manghátag, What a selfish child. She won’t give anything to anyone else; v. get to be greedy. (←) take a strong liking to something Nía rag ímung libru. Way naláug, Here’s your damn book. Who wants it anyway (lit. no one has taken a liking to it).



v. 1. go out to go about with no particular purpose. Unsay ímung giláug didtu? Dúna kay gibisitáhan? What did you stroll over to their place for? Did you visit someone? 2. get out of a place, flee. Miláug ang manuk, The chicken flew the coop. Laúgan ka sa ímung mga sákup kun mag-inistriktu ka, Your employees will leave you if you are too strict. -an(→) a. tending to go out to roam about; v. get to be a roamer.