Meaning of latid






n. 1. line which delineates an area or boundary. Sa taliwálà sa dálan dúnay látid nga putì, A white line is drawn in the middle of the road. Sapà ang látid sa duha ka lungsud, A river is the boundary between the two towns; 2. path, plan by which something is carried out; 3. rules, laws. Dúnay mga látid ang pagdúlag baskitbul, Basketball is played according to set rules; v. 1. delineate an area, esp. where something is to be built. Pagkúhà ug lambu kay maglátid ta sa ámung balayan, Get some string because we will stake out where the walls for the house are to be put; 2. plan or arrange a method to be followed or done. Ang mga Libiral naglátid sa ílang buhátun sa kampanya, The Liberals were laying out plans for their campaign. Mauy átung pagasubáyun ang nalátid sa átung kapaláran, What fate has decreed for us to do is what we must follow; 3. establish laws or rules.