Meaning of lásu



n. 1. ribbon, bow; 2. lasso; v. 1. tie into a bow. Lasúha ang listun, ayawg balitùtúa, Lace the shoelace, don’t tie it into a knot. Gilasúhan níya ang íyang dalága, She tied a ribbon in her little girl’s hair; 2. lasso. Lasúha ang kábaw nga nakabuhì, Lasso the carabao that escaped; 3. get entangled in a rope or vines. Nalásu ang mangangayam sa daghang bágun, The hunter got entangled in the vines.



v. 1. masturbate (coarse). 2. misuse something so as to break it. Hala, lasua nang bisiklíta kay ikaw mauy mupaáyu, OK, fool around with that bicycle, and you will have to fix it.