Meaning of larut



v. 1. pull up by the roots. Maglarut kug mani pára lapwáan, I’ll pull up some peanuts to boil. Íyang larutun ning tangúha, He’ll pull this tooth out; 2. pull something off from its moorings, as if uprooting it. Bagyu ang nakalarut (nakapalarut) sa mga barungbárung, The typhoon knocked the shanties over; 3. lose one’s hair. Nanglarut ang íyang buhuk, His hair is falling out; n. 1. hair that has fallen out. Matag kalígù níya dúnay daghang larut, Every time he takes a bath he loses a lot of hair; 2. bad luck, allegedly brought on by someone Ngánung miduwà pa giyud ka, napildi na núun ta. Ikaw lay nagdá sa larut, Why did you have to play with us? Now we lost. You must have brought this bad luck. (←) v. take rice seedlings out from their bed ready for transplanting. Larútun na nátù ang similya kay andam na ang basak, Let’s take the seedlings out of the seedbed now because the field is ready for planting.