Meaning of lap-ak



n. splotch, splatter. Dakung lap-ak sa dugù sa samput, The big blood stain on the bottom of the dress; v. splotch, splatter. lap-aklap-ak v. 1. splotch, splatter. Gilap-aklap-ak (naglap-aklap-ak) ang íyang buktun sa bun-i, His arm has ringworm marks all over it. 2. do s.t irregularly, such that the results are splotched or irregularly spaced spots. Ang bungbung naglap-aklap-ak sa litrátu, Photos are pasted all over the wall in an irregular fashion (as if spattered on the wall). Abanira giyud. Ayaw lap-aklap-áka (ilap-aklap-ak) pagpintal, Paint it a square at a time. Don’t skip around.