Meaning of langgikit



n. link



v. 1. tie or attach things together or side by side. Mulanggíkit ka ug pila ka bulus kawáyan pára gam-ung gákit, Tie several lengths of bamboo together to make a raft. Langgikítun nákù ning duha ka buuk káhuy arun makas-a ug dala, I will tie these two pieces of wood together so I can carry them all at once; 2. be near one another. Sígi sila nga maglanggíkit bisag ása lakaw, They are always near each other wherever they go. 3. involve someone in something Ang ímung binúang naglanggíkit nákù sa kaúlaw, Your foolishness involved me in your shame. Ayaw kug ilanggíkit sa inyung tinuntu, Do not involve me in your shenanigans; n. link, means of connecting. Kining suláta mauy langgíkit sa kagahápun, This letter is a link to the past.