Meaning of lamwas



v. 1. for water to come in or spread over something Hápit malúnud ang sakayan nga nalamwásan sa túbig, The boat nearly sank because water came in it. Gilamwásan ang tugkaran sa túbig gíkan sa kanal, The water from the drainage ditch flooded our yard; 1a. for water to run out over a container. Milamwas ang túbig sa planggána, Water ran out over the basin; 2. extend beyond a certain limit. Mulamwas ang ákung tiil sa katri kay mubù ra, My feet spill over the end of the bed because it is too short. Lamwása (ilamwas) sa túhud ang sidsid sa ákung sinínà, Extend the hem line of my dress beyond the knees.