Meaning of lamuk



n. mosquito; v. 1. be infested with mosquitoes. Ang lugar nga may lámak lamukun, A place where there is standing water gets infested with mosquitoes; 2. wait s.w. too long. Gilamuk na lang kug hinuwat, wà giyud mupatim-aw, I waited for a long time, but he did not show up. (←) v. 1. be present in large numbers with confusion and bustle. Naglámuk ang mga táwu sa baratilyu, People crowded the bargain sale. Míting man untà ni, nalámuk na man hinúun, This is supposed to be a meeting, but it has become a melee instead; 2. be, become a free-for-all, melee. Nagkalámuk ang mga istudiyanti ug mga pulis, There was a free-for-all between the students and the police; a. busy and chaotic with large numbers of people; n. a free-for-all, melee. lamuklámuk see lámuk, n, v2. -ay(←) see lamúkay.