Meaning of lamù



v. temporarily preserve tiny fish by salting lightly. Lamua ang subrang tugnus, Preserve the leftover fry by salting them lightly. -in- n. small fish, temporarily preserved with light salt. lamùlamù, lamùlámù v. 1. do something fast in a slipshod and careless way. Gilamùlamuan (gilamùlamù) lang nímug laba ang mga bisti u, daghan pang buling, You washed these clothes so fast and carelessly. See, they are still all dirty. Ayaw lamùlamúag bungat arun makasabut ku, Don’t speak so hurriedly and indistinctly, so I can understand; 2. done rapidly and without reserve. Gilamùlamù lang níya ang usa ka panaksang pansit, He just gobbled down a whole bowlful of noodles. Gilamùlámù níya ang íyang uyab sa súd sa sinihan, He engaged in a heavy petting session with his girl friend in the movie house.