Meaning of lampaag, lampáag

lampaag, lampáag


a. 1. stout, fat. Kalampáag sa náwung ánang bayhána! Ikatalakpun, What a broad face that woman has! You could use it as a shutter for a window; 2. spreading lushly. Lampaag kaáyu ang lambáyung dapit sa hunásan, The vines are spreading out lushly near the edge of the tidal flat; 3. for the hair to look bushy; v. 1. be, become broad, flat; 2. get to grow lushly. Mulampáag ang mga balíli ug muuwan na, The grass will grow lush when the rains come; 3. for hair to get bushy. Naunsa man ang ímung hirdu nga naglampaag man. Gitís tingáli, What happened to your hair that it’s so bushy? You must have teased it.