Meaning of lamhung



a. 1. growing thickly and profusely, esp. such that other plants are crowded out; 2. choking off or overshadowing, keeping plants from growing well; 3. swollen and inflamed; v. 1. grow thick and/or tall such that other growths get stunted. Ang kamukámu milamhung sa lagwirta, The morning glories spread all over the garden (and choked other plants). 1a. stunt other plants by choking them off or overshadowing them. Makalamhang ang dáhun sa kaymítu sa mga tanum, Star apple leaves are used as a cover to kill off other plants. Nalamhungan ang mga munggus sa balíli, The grass stunted the bean plants; 2. get inflamed. Milamhung ang pinaakan sa lamuk, The mosquito bite became inflamed.