Meaning of lambuyug, lambúyug

lambuyug, lambúyug


v. 1. whirl something around on a string and throw it off in a distance. Lambuyugun ku nang langgam nga nagbatug sa sanga, I’ll sling a rock at that bird perching on the branch. Gilambuyug níya ang láang úsà pasaplúti ang báka, He whirled the rope before he lassoed the cow; 2. for attention, thought to veer off on a target. Nalambuyug ang íyang mga mata sa nagkiaykíay nga babáyi, His gaze was diverted to the girl with the swaying hips; n. sling for hurling stones made of a piece of cloth, leather, or palm leaf which holds the stone and a pair of strings which are whirled around. When one of the strings is released, the missile flies off.