Meaning of lamat






v. 1. deceive the eyes with an illusion. Gilámat ra tingáli ku pagkakità adtung gwápang babáyi, Maybe it was only an illusion when I saw that beautiful woman; 1a. for supernatural beings that have taken and hidden a person to put a banana trunk in the person’s place and make it look like the body of the dead person; 2. enchant, bedazzle. Usa ra ka pahiyum ang milámat kaníya, One smile was enough to enchant him. Nalámat siya sa katahum sa kagabhíun, He was enchanted with the beauty of the night; n. thing with which someone is bedazzled. Ang lámat sa bahandì, The enchantment of wealth. ma-un a. enchanting, bedazzling. Malamátung húni, Enchanting melody.