Meaning of lalim



a. 1. pleasurable. Lalim pamináwun ang Rúsas Pandan, The song Rosas Pandan is very pleasant to listen to. 2. delicious, delightful to eat. Lalim kaáyung kan-un ang práyid tsíkin nímu, Your fried chicken tastes delicious. — mu, ka, ninyu, -y or nga imagine that, can you believe it! Lalim mu ba nga (y) wà diay kuy ikapilíti, Imagine! It turned out that I didn’t have money for fare; v. 1. be, become pleasurable. Magkalalim ang tubà imnun ug madúgay nang ininum, Coconut palm toddy becomes more delicious after a quantity has already been taken in. 2. don’t you think that is something? Gilaliman kag bulagan ug uyab? Don’t you think being jilted is bad enough? Gilaliman ka ba ánang kantidára? Don’t you think that amount is something?