Meaning of laktud



a. 1. direct, not going round about. Laktud ning dalána kay diritsu, This is the direct route because it is straight; 2. done directly, straight to the point without spending time on something else. Sa laktud nga pagkasulti, In short, to say it directly; 3. suddenly, straight away without warning. Laktud man lang siyang nawálà, way pupananghid, She just disappeared without saying good-bye; v. 1. go or take something right away, directly. Milaktud siyag súd, way tulutuktuk, He came in directly without bothering to knock. Laktúra pagsulti ang ímung túyù, Say what you want directly. Ilaktud ni Káti pagsulat ngadtu sa manidyǐr, Cathy will send the letter direct to the manager; 2. go, take a shortcut. Nanglaktud ku padúng sa simbahan, I took a shortcut to church. -anan, lakturánan n. shortcut. -in- a. done in the shortest possible time, with unnecessary steps omitted.