Meaning of lahuy



v. pass or go through with ease, slip in or through without a hitch. Milahuy man lang wà giyud mangáyug katahúran, He just went through without greeting anyone. Milahuy ang kawatan sa kasayun kay wà may táwu, The thief slipped in and out with ease because there was no one about. Ang ákung mga tambag mulahuy lang sa píkas dunggan, My advice went in one ear and out the other. lahuyláhuy v. 1. pass back and forth easily, smoothly. Maglahuyláhuy ang hángin niíning baláya, The breeze blows in and out of this house unobstructed. Singsing nga naglahuyláhuy sa íyang tudlù, A ring that passes readily over his fingers; 2. escape from something Ilahuyláhuy man lang gud nímu ang súgù sa ímung inahan, You try to get out of what your mother tells you to do. lahuylahuy v. go from one place to another with no purpose. Gilahuylahuy (gilahuylahuyan) sa ulitáwung gúlang ang kalibútan úsà pahikut sa pilitína, The bachelor roamed around the world first before he let himself get hooked.