Meaning of lahus



v. 1. proceed, go on or forward, esp. after an interruption or stop. Mulahus lang kug pangumpra human sa simba, I will just proceed to the market after going to church. Nagláhus ang nagsaaray, The engaged couple went through with their marriage. Lahusa nyà ákung karsúnis sa tiluring, Please go ahead to get my pants at the tailor’s. Ilahus ni ngadtu sa íla, Bring this on ahead to their house; 2. penetrate, pass through. Lahusa (ilahus) lang ang ímung mga plánu, Just go ahead with your plans; 3. get through, finish something successfully. Milahus na siya sa íyang abugasíya, He has gotten through his law course; 3a. be finished in the first fight. Gilahus ang íyang sunuy, His cock was killed in the first fight. — sa going through something Lahus ning lansánga sa píkas bungbung kay taas, This nail goes through to the other side. Mu rag kining ákung tambag lahus lang sa píkas mung dunggan, Apparently my advice to you goes in one ear and out the other; n. kind of small shark, so called because its liver causes instant defecation. (←) v. 1. for two things to lead into each other. Nagláhus ang duha ka lángub, The two caves lead to each other. Lahúsa ang duha ka kanal, Have the two ditches connect to each other; 1a. for two openings to be arranged in a straight line configuration. Nagláhus ang duha ka pultahan, sayun ra paglahus, The two doors are right in line with each other. It’s easy to go through; 2. do something straight without interruption. Naláhus ang ílang isturya hangtud sa tungang gabíi, Their talk lasted until midnight. Lahúsun (iláhus) ni nákù ug laba kay gamítun ugmà, I will have to wash this in one day because I’m going to use it tomorrow. sa — entirely. Ang ákung kaguul nawálà sa láhus, My sorrows are gone forever. Malimtan ku nímu láhus, You will forget me entirely. lahusláhus a. 1. for something to have lots of openings so that it is easy to pass through it. 2. taking things easy without much sense of responsibility. Mamána ka niánang lahusláhus nga pagkatáwu? What, you want to wed that irresponsible person? v. go s.w. readily without bother. Mulahusláhus lang mu sa ákung kwartu mu rag ristawran, You keep coming into my room without any ado as if it were a restaurant. Malahusláhus na ang Úpun ug mahuman na ang taytáyan, You’ll be able to get to Opon in no time when the bridge is done. pa-(←) n. kind of tarik that consists of one long piece of timber going from one outrigger float to the other, usually put on large-sized boats.



n. slaughtered animal and other food given by the bridegroom’s parents to the bride’s parents on the eve of the wedding; v. give the láhus.