Meaning of lahug



v. mend a tear in a rough way using long stitches. Ákù lang lahugan (lahúgan, ilahug) ang gisì, kay kápuy sursíhan, I’ll just stitch the tear hastily because it’s a nuisance to darn it.



v. 1. mix something together and stir around. Nagláhug ang mga trabahanti ug simintu, The laborers are mixing the cement. Nagláhug ang dátù ug pubri niadtung mitínga, The rich and the poor mixed together in that gathering; 2. get all mixed up in no special order. Nagkaláhug ang ílang sulti, They were talking on all different topics mixed up without any order. -ay v. see láhug. lahuglahug v. 1. roam around with others. Dì ku gustung makiglahuglahug ka sa mga buguy, I don’t want you to roam around with bums; 2. roam around in general for no good purpose. Sa kaping magtrabáhu magpúnay lag lahuglahug, Instead of working, he just used to roam about; 3. go straight s.w. Manglahuglahug ta dihà ánang mga lagúna paingun sa ámù, Let’s cross those meadows to get to our house.