Meaning of láhid



v. 1. spread, smear something over. Lahírig túbig ang pánit sa inasal, Rub water over the roast pig’s skin. Gilahíran ug dyam ang pán, They spread jam on the bread; 2. involve someone else in something unpleasant. Muláhid man ka sa uban nga way sâ, Why do you involve others who are blameless? Ayaw kug iláhid sa kastígu, Don’t include me with the punishment. (→) n. magical medicine of coconut oil and herbs used for skin ailments of supernatural origin, or the application of this medicine; v. subject to this treatment. ka- v. get all smeared. Nagkaláhid ang bungbung ug húgaw, The walls are all smeared with dirt.