Meaning of lagumlum



(from lumlum) v. 1. for something to lie dormant and hidden beneath or inside something Naglagumlum sa átung kabukíran ang daghang mína, Ores to be mined are lying dormant in our mountains. Naglagumlum nga kahadluk sa íyang dughan, Fear lurking in her heart; 2. keep something one doesn’t own or should share for oneself. Ang tagakustum kusug mulagumlum sa dílì íla, The Customs people are quick to keep things that don’t belong to them. Ayaw lagumlúma ang sikrítu. Ibutyag, Don’t keep the secret to yourself. Tell us. 3. stay s.w. for some good reason. Milagumlum siyag usa ka simána sa íyang panágat, He stayed out fishing for a week. Unsay ímung lagumlúman sa tubaan, dì ínum? What are you hanging around at the toddy stand for if not to drink?