Meaning of lagum



a. dirtyish white, greyish. Lagum ang linabhan ug dì iladlad, Washed clothes are greyish if they are not bleached. Lagum na ang íyang ngábil kay nagdúgayg húmul sa dágat, His lips are blue from staying in the water too long; v. be, become darkish, greyish in color. Milagum (nalagum) siya kay sígig kalígù sa dágat, He has become dark because he always goes swimming. paN-(←) v. get dark all over in color. Nanglágum ang bátà nga dúgayng natáwu, The baby that took long to be delivered is blue all over. Nanglágum ang bukubuku sa binunalan, His back is black and blue from being beaten too much.