Meaning of lagduk



n. 1. a small stake; 2. penis (humorous slang). 3. — ang anínu noon (lit. for the shadow to have been driven in the ground like a stake). 3a. noon (short for lagduk ang anínu). Lagduk na (ang anínu) pag-abut námù, It was noon when we arrived; v. 1. drive a small stake into the ground. Maglagduk kug tugwáyan sa kábaw, I’ll drive a peg to tether my carabao to. 1a. stick something into something Ilagduk ang kandílà sa kik, Stick the candles into the cake; 1b. hold oneself upright and firm. Makalagduk na si Bíbi pagtindug, Baby can stand by herself now; 2. put a fighting cock out in the yard by staking the tether string to the ground. Kinsay naglagduk sa manuk diris gardin? Who tied the cock here in the garden? 3. in bowling, throw the ball keeping the feet together in place without moving them or taking a step. Nakalagduk na ku, apan wà ku kadaug, I tried throwing the ball without taking a step, but I couldn’t win; 4. for the sun to be directly above one. Mulagduk ang adlaw ug maalas dúsi, The sun gets directly above you at twelve o’clock; 4a. be, become noon. Gilagdúkan na lang siya sa adlaw wà pa giyud mahumag dáru, It was already noon, and he still had not finished plowing; 4b. for something to be above one like the sun. Milagduk ákung tabánug, My kite soared above me. 4c. for the eyes to roll upwards. Milagduk íyang mata sa kalamì, Her eyes rolled upward in ecstacy. (→) v. become absent-minded. Uy, gilagduk na tingáli ka kay walà ka makapanira sa ímung karsúnis, My, you have become absent-minded because you haven’t buttoned up your pants. -an(→) see lagduk. n 1.