Meaning of lagablab



(from lablab) a. 1. for clothing to be loose so as to be flapping; 2. talking continuously and inconsequentially. Katuúhan ba gud nà nga lagablab man, Can you believe him when he babbles on all the time? v. 1. be loose and flapping. Nalagablab ang pagkatahì sa íyang sinínà, After it was sewed, her dress was so loose it flapped. Naglagablab ang íyang ági sa íyang paglabay, She passed by with her skirts flapping. Naglagablab ang bandíra, The flag flapped; 2. blab, talk too much. Sugut lang nà siyag way káun basta makalagablab lang, She doesn’t mind not eating so long as she can shoot off her mouth. Pagbantay unyag kining ímung hidunggan ímung ilagablab, Better watch out if you blabber about what you heard here.