Meaning of labut



n. see lubut (dialectal).



n. 1. concern, connection, part of. Wà kay lábut sa ámung gipanagsultíhan, What we are talking about is no concern of yours. Wà kuy lábut sa nahitabù, I have nothing to do with what happened; 2. including. Lábut ba ning baskit sa prisyu sa prútas? Is the basket included in the price of the fruits? Lábut ka sa íyang kasukù, You’re included in his anger; 3. — pa besides that. Tagáan siyag primyu. Lábut pa maasáwa níya ang prinsísa, He will be given a reward, and besides he can marry the princess; v. 1. concern oneself with something, be included in the responsibility for something Dì lang ku mulábut (manlábut) ánà kay mu ra mag siyay sad-an, I won’t mix into that affair because he’s apparently guilty. Ayawg ilábut ang inahan nákù sa áway, Don’t drag my mother into the quarrel. (→) v. see hilabut. hi-(→) v. 1. touch, meddle with something or someone, cause trouble or bother. Ang muhilabut niíning ákung butang mapawù gayud, Whoever touches my things will get a whipping. Hilabtan gánì nang ákung manghud, If you dare meddle with my little sister,... 2. steal. Hipúsa ang ímung aláhas, hilabtan unyà, Put your jewels in a safe place. They might be stolen; 3. have sexual intercourse (euphemism). Wà siya muhilabut (manghilabut) sa íyang asáwa kay nagdaut pa man kini, He did not have sexual intercourse with his wife because she was still sick; 4. harm. Dílì na makahilabut nátù ang úngù kay dúna man tay panagang, That vampire can’t harm us because we have a charm. hilabtánun a. 1. meddlesome, given to stealing; 2. tending to molest women. Sus, pagbantay giyud mu ánang lakíha, hilabtánun ra ba nag babáyi, My! Better be careful. That man is known to be dangerous to women. labutlabut v. 1. become meddlesome. Ayawg labutlabut sa ámung áway, Don’t meddle in our quarrel; 2. include something which shouldn’t be included. Ayawg ilabutlabut sa átung lális ang way lábut, Don’t include irrelevant matters in our argument. pangi-, panggi-, pangin-, panghi v. meddle in with something, make something one’s business. Ngánung manggilábut ku sa inyung prublíma? Why should I mix in with your problems? Ngánung panggilabútan pa níya ang ákung kaminyúun? Why is he meddling into my wedding plans? ig-, dílì ig- not related. Makapangasáwa ka níya, kay dílì mu siya iglábut, You can marry her because she is unrelated to you. ka-an n. involvement, responsibility. Ang taksi draybir may kalabútan sa káwat, The taxi driver had something to do with the robbery.