Meaning of labuk



v. 1. for a chicken to attack. Milabuk ang himungáan dihang gihilabtan ang pisù, The hen charged when someone messed with her chicks; 1a. charge into a fray like a chicken. Gilabukan níya ang íyang kuntra sa dihang gimiramiráhan siya, She lunged at her enemy when he waved his finger at her; 1b. have cocks fight each other for practice. Nakiglábuk (nakigpalábuk) si Talyu sa íyang tiksas sa halsi sa íyang silíngan, Talyo had his Texas cock have a practice fight with his neighbor’s Hulsey; 1c. come in a gust. Milabuk ang hángin ug unyà mikalma dáyun, The wind gusted and then calmed down. Katáhap nga milabuk sa íyang pangísip, A suspicion that suddenly arose in his mind; 2. go after what one wants. Ingun ka báyut siya. Mulabuk sad nà ug makalugar, You said he was a sissy, but I assure you he won’t sit on his hands if he gets half a chance; 2a. — sa hílum go after what one wants without letting on to others. Milabuk siya sa hílum ug nakaunag hangyù, He moved in without letting others notice it, and he was the first one to ask; n. way of attacking. hílum, sikrítu ug — doing things on the sly (secretly). Pahilumhílum nang tawhána, apan sikrítug labuk, That man pretends to be quiet, but actually he is doing things on the sly. (←) n. action of clashing with one another. labuklábuk v. do something intermittently. Ígù lang siyang mulabuklábuk sa trabáhu kay may láin siyang lingaw, He just appears at work from time to time because he has other diversions.