Meaning of lab-ak



v. 1. get to have spaces or omissions in between; cause something to do so, skip. Mulab-ak lang kug pila ka klási arun ku masayu, I will just skip some classes so I can get home early. Nakalab-ak kug usa ka linya sa ákung pakigpúlung, I accidentally left out a line in my speech. Gilab-akan níya ang tulu ka balay únà siya muhúnung, He passed up three houses before he stopped. Kining pula ilab-ak nímu sa putì, Intersperse these red things between the white ones; 1a. for colors to get uneven. Mulab-ak ang kulur sa sinínà ug ibulad sa ínit, The dress will get uneven in color (with dark interspersed with light) if you dry it in the sun; 2. go beyond a measure, too far or too deeply. Ang karsáda milab-ak ug usa ka mitru sa ámung yútà, The road encroaches onto one meter of our land. Pasaylúa ku kay nakalab-ak kug sulti ganína, Please forgive me for having spoken beyond the bounds of decency a while ago. Gilab-ak níya paghíwà ang íyang báhin sa kík, He sliced a bigger portion of the cake for himself than for others; a. 1. having spaces or omissions in between. Lab-ak nga pagkakural, Fencing with the posts put too far apart; 1a. being uneven in color; 2. cut too deeply, gone over the mark or limits; n. space left, area beyond which one has gone.