Meaning of kúut



v. 1. thrust one’s hand into a small place to fish something out or just feel it. Mikúut siya sa íyang bulsa pagtan-aw ug náa pa bay sinsilyu, He felt around in his pocket to see if he had any more change. Kuútun sa duktur ang bátà ug maglísud ang pag-anak, The doctor pulls the baby out if it is a difficult delivery; 2. pick a pocket or handbag. Gikuútan ku. Wà gánì kuy ikapamilíti, My pocket was picked. I don’t even have carfare; 3. do something underhanded, pull strings to get something done. Kuútun kung ímung aplikasiyun arun madáwat, I’ll pull some strings with your application to make sure it is accepted; 4. fall back on something Maáyu gánì nga dúna tay gamayng tinipígang makúut, It’s a good thing that we have some small savings to fall back on. 5. tap someone to liquidate him. Gikúut ang impurmir sa mga girilyista, The guerrillas tapped the informer for liquidation; 6. touch someone’s genitals. Kuúta lang ug gustu ka, Go ahead and touch it if you want to. 7. get in a blow or a shot in basketball under difficult circumstances. Bísag maáyung gwardiya kuútun ni Martiris, Martires can outmaneuver the best of guards. paN- n. 1. pickpocketing; 2. catching of sea life by sticking the hands into holes or crevices. kuutkúut n. getting in shots or blows under difficult circumstances. -l-un(→) a. intricate, difficult. Kuutun ning prublimáha. Dílì ni masulbad, This is a difficult problem. We can’t solve it. Kuutun na kaáyu ang túbig sa bangà kay hápit na mahurut, The water in the jar is very difficult to reach because it’s almost gone. Kuutun kaáyu ang mga tapuy nga íyang gigámit, He uses very difficult chords. Kuluutung nutáha, A difficult-to-reach note. — sa kuluutun manage to do something difficult by exerting oneself to the utmost (reach in to get the things difficult to get). Bída ning may ámut, unyà way kwarta. Makakúut ta sa kuluutun, God! When they take up a collection, if we don’t have money, we have to come up with it somehow. maN-r-(→) n. pickpocket.