Meaning of kutub



a. having wrinkles sewn into it; v. for sewing to come out so that wrinkles appear in unintended places. Mukutub (makutub) ang buktun sa ímung sinínà ug dì nímu ilagdà, The sleeves of your dress will come out wrinkled if you sew them directly without basting them.



1. as far as a certain point in space or time. Kútub ang karsáda sa Bukánu, The road reaches as far as Bocano. Kining trabahúa kútub ra sa Disimbri, This job will last only to December. Ása kútub kining dalána? Where does this road go up to? 1a. — sa (word referring to action) only as much as doing, no more than. Kútub ra sa paghisgut, way líhuk, They only went so far as to discuss it. They didn’t take any action; 2. as much as. Gikúhà níla kútub sa ílang madala, They took as much as they could carry; 2a. whatever, anyone. Patákà ka lag tubag kútub sa ímung mahunàhunaan, You just take a stab saying whatever enters your head; 3. — karun starting now. Kútub karun dì na ka mamisíta nákù, From now on don’t visit me any more. -in-an, kinutbánan n. end, limit. Walay kinutúban ning ákung pag-antus, My suffering has no end; v. last, go as far as. Basta mukútub ra sa háluk, way piligru, As long as it does not go beyond kissing, there’s no danger. Ug mukútub sa alas utsu ang prugráma, makapanini pa ka, If the program doesn’t last later than eight o’clock, you still have time to go to the show.