Meaning of kutlù



v. 1. break off a flower, leaf, seed stalk, bud carefully. Ángay na bang kutlúun ning buláka? Is this flower right to pluck? Kutlúag udlut ang tabákù arun mudagkù ang dáhun, We pluck the buds off the tobacco plant so the leaves will get bigger; 1a. reach for the stars (literary). Kutlúun ku ang mga bitúun tungud kanímu, I’ll pluck the stars for you; 2. pick out a quotation, take something from a certain source. Sirmun nga gikutlù gíkan sa Salmu, Sermon taken from the Book of Psalms. Ay in is ang kutlúan níla sa balità, They get their news from the I.N.S. (International News Service). -in- n. quotation, something gotten from a certain source. paN- n. action of harvesting rice.