Meaning of kútaw



v. 1. stir two liquids or a liquid and powder around to mix them. Kutáwag maáyu ang pintal, Stir the paint up well. Kutáwi ra kug niskapi, Please mix me some instant coffee; 2. stir up water and disturb it. Nakútaw ang dágat tungud sa kusug nga hángin, The sea was stirred up in the strong winds; 3. get disturbed, confused. Suliran nga mikútaw sa ákung hunàhúnà, Problems that disturbed my thoughts. Makútaw ang kalínaw sa panimalay kun magbisyu ang bána, The peace in the family will get disrupted if the husband takes up a vice; 4. — ang líbug v. be confused or worried as to what to do. Nagkútaw ang ákung líbug ug diin tu nákù ikabutang ang ákung rilu, I’m confused as to where I could have put my watch. Nakútaw ang ákung líbug nímu, I don’t know what to do about you. (→) n. stirrer.