Meaning of kupya



v. 1. copy, imitate, make a copy of something Kupyáhun ku nang ímung disáyin, I’ll copy your design. Unsa mang ritratúha ang gikupyáhan? For which picture did you have copies made? 2. copy in an exam. Nangupya siya. Maung nakapasar, He copied. That’s why he passed; n. 1. copy. Sitinta sintábus na ang kupya sa Bisayà, The Bisaya costs seventy cents a copy now; 2. print of a photo. pa- v. have a photograph reproduced. -dur(→) n. 1. a copyist, one who makes written copies. Náay kupyadur sa ámung upisína kusug kaáyung mumakinilya, There’s a copyist in our office who types very fast; 2. one who imitates, copycat; 3. one who copies in exams; v. be, become a copyist. -mus a. a cheat in exams (colloquial). Gibantayan pag-áyu sa maistra si Ális kay kupyámus kaáyu, The teacher watched Alice closely because she is known to copy.