Meaning of kunu



short form: nu 1. it is said, someone said. Namatay kunu ag pilútu, They say the pilot died; 2. with imperatives: particle used to person with whom one is familiar implying that he is not under obligation to obey it—i.e., is not a person one has a right to command: ‘please, do me a favor and ...’ Itúnul kunu nang libru, Do me a favor and hand me the book; 2a. followed or preceded by verb: do (so-and-so) as a trial. Ikuniktar kunu nátù ring alambri, tingáli ug muandar na ang makina, Try connecting this wire. Perhaps the engine will start; 3. in conditions: on the chance that. Madúgay pa ba nu ku dinhi kay muanhi siya, If I stay here long, he will come. Ákung gihípus kay básin kunu magámit unyà, I kept it on the chance that we might be able to use it later. kunhun take someone to be ignorant of something Akuy kunhun nímu nga kadúgay na nákù niíni, You take me for ignorant when I’ve been at this for such a long time. paN- v. show one is uncertain of something by saying kunu. Dì kaáyu siya sigúru kay nangunu, He’s not that certain because he said ‘they said’. kunúhay 1. allegedly, they say, but I’m not sure whether or not it is true. Pipila ka mga pulitiku nga nagsabutsábut kunúhay tu, A few politicians who were allegedly making agreements under the table; 2. do something to make a show of being a certain thing. Arun pagrispitar nanghúnung kunúhay mi ug paghungit, In order to show respect we made a pretense of stopping eating for the moment. Nagpakítà siya sa íya kunúhay nga pagkamanggihunàhunáun, He is displaying his supposed thoughtfulness. Ayaw ug katáwa kay nangísug kunúhay ka, Don’t laugh. You’re supposed to be angry; 1a. be supposedly. Ísug kunúhay ka—dì ka muhílak ug sugsúgun, You’re supposed to be brave. You shouldn’t cry if they tease you; 2. particle giving an excuse for doing something in preparation. Namalit kunúhay mi sa dì pa musáka ang bili, We are buying food before the prices go up. 3. particle belittling someone’s accomplishments. Prisidinti kunúhay kanà siya sa kapunúngan, He’s the so-called president of their organization; 3a. particle of modesty detracting from one’s own or one’s family’s accomplishments. Magsusúlat kunúhay kining ákung bána, ug kini mauy bugtung níyang pangítà, My husband is a writer, you know, and that’s how he earns his livelihood.



n. large rice mill or the building which houses it and serves as a storehouse for the rice to be milled.