Meaning of kunsumisiyun



n. intense grief that wastes away the body. Ikay ákung kunsumisiyun, bataána ka, You’ll be the death of me. Kunsumisiyun ang gikamatyan sa asáwang gibiyáan, The wife wasted away and died of grief after she was abandoned; v. 1. be afflicted with grief that wastes away the body. Gikunsumisiyun (nagkunsumisiyun) ang inahan sa kamaldítu sa anak, The mother wasted in grief because of her wayward son; 2. worry very much over a trifle. Ngánung magkunsumisiyun ka man ánang druwínga ug dì giyud mahímù? Why do you have to worry yourself to death over that drawing if you can’t do it?