Meaning of kumplítu



a. complete, having something complete. Kumplítu ang iskuyláhan sa mga kasangkápan, Our school is completely equipped. Kumplítu ang ákung gamitun sa pamanday, My tools for carpentry are complete. Kumplítu ta sa impliyádu, We have our full contingent of employees. Ang búhat nga kumplítu ihátag sa maistru, All papers that are complete should be turned in to the teacher; v. be, become complete, make something complete. Mukumplítu kug báyad sa matrikula, I’ll pay the tuition fees in full. Kining istáma mauy mukumplítu sa ákung kuliksiyun, This stamp will make my collection complete. Nagkakumplítu na ang ngípun sa bátà, The child’s teeth are almost complete. Mu ray ikakumplítu námù ug ma Pasku, The only time the whole family can get together is on Christmas.