Meaning of kumplimintu



n. 1. something said or done out of respect or good manners. Kumplimintu lang tung íyang pagdápit nímu kay silíngan man mu, She invited you out of courtesy because you’re her neighbor. Bísan wà nay gustu, gibaslan ku ang suwat ágig kumplimintu, Even though I don’t like her any more, I answered her letter for politeness’ sake; 2. compliment, something said in admiration or praise; v. 1. say or do something insincere out of politeness. Mukumplimintu lang kug tambung sa íyang parti, I’ll just attend his party out of courtesy; 2. say something in admiration or praise. Mikumplimintu siya nakù sa bag-u kung hirdu, She complimented me on my new hairdo.