Meaning of kulugpus



v. 1. fold the arms in any position with the forearms crossed as a sign of repose. Nangulyugpus lang siya nga nagpaábut ug trák, He stood with his arms folded waiting for the bus. Nagpangulyugpus sa íyang mga buktun nga nangalíya sa mahal nga birhin, She prayed to the blessed Virgin with her arms crossed, hands on the shoulders; 1a. curl the legs up close to the body. Íyang kulugpúsun ang íyang mga tiil ug tugnawun, He’ll curl up his feet if he feels cold; 2. do nothing in the face of a situation which calls for action. Nangulyugpus lang siya samtang nagkapulíkì mig trabáhu, He just stood by with his arms folded while we went crazy with so many things to do. Magkiyugpus ba lang tang magtan-aw sa ílang kalisud? Shall we just stand by utterly indifferent to the situation?