Meaning of kulub



v. lie on one’s belly, be overturned. Ug mukulub (makulub) ang sakayan, patay ta, If the boat turns over, we’re done for. Magkulub paghigdà ang buktut, A hunchback sleeps lying on his belly. Kulba (ikulub) ang mga hinugásang plátu, Lay the washed plates face downward. — sa plátu, kúlun, etc. v. deprive someone of his livelihood (lit. turn the plate, pot, etc. upside down on him—as a sign that it is empty). Kun kuháan mu siya sa trabáhu sáma ra sa gikulban mu sila sa kaldíru, If you deprive him of a job, it’s just like overturning the kettles on them. — hayang a. unstable, uncertain: one day up, the next day down. Kulub hayang ang kinabúhì sa sugarul, A gambler’s life is up today, down tomorrow; n. game of group tag in which something is tossed and one group chases the other according to which side the thing that was tossed falls on. ma-, mahayang whatever will be will be, whatever happens. Pasagdi ang ímung anak. Tutal makulub mahayang laláki man siya, Let your son do as he pleases. Anyway, whatever happens, he is a man. — hubag n. a boil which swells downward instead of outward and fails to develop a head (lit. an overturned boil).



v. shrink, shrivel up. Mukúlub ang prútas nga linghud rang pagkapùpù, Fruits that are picked too young will just shrivel up. Nagkakulub na nà siya kay tigúlang na kaáyu, She is shriveling up with old age. Mikū́b ang núka. Wà na magkamayu, The sore has shriveled up. It’s not infected any more.