Meaning of kúgi



v. do something with a little extra effort. Wà giyud ninyuy nakakúgig limpiyu sa salug, nu? None of you ever took the initiative to clean the floor, did you? Ákù giyud ning gikugíhan ug trabáhu arun mahuman dáyun, I put in extra effort to finish the work quickly; n. extra effort put into something Walay kúgi nga dílì musangput sa kaayúhan, If you put in effort, it is bound to result in good; a. taking to doing certain things which require effort, doing them with enthusiasm. Kúgi siyang mamunit ug láta, He’s very diligent in picking up old cans. Kúgi manakup ug alasiwsiw, He’s great in catching grasshoppers. paN- v. woo a girl hard to win her (slang). ka- n. see kúgi, n. kugihan a. industrious, hard-working. kinugíhan n. something reaped from one’s diligence. Ayawg usíki ang ákung kinugíhan, Don’t waste the fruit of my labor.