Meaning of kubut



v. 1. hold, take hold of something Kinsay nagkubut sa lyábi? Who has the key? Magkúbut ta arun dì ta magkabúwag, We’ll hold hands so that we won’t be separated. Nawálà ang lápis nga ákung gikubtan, The pencil I was holding got lost; 1a. hold on to something to keep from falling. Nangubut (mikubut) siya nákù kay danglug, He held on to me because it was slippery; 1b. get hold of something to have it. Wà pa ku makakubut ánang kantidára, I had not held such an amount (of money). Hikubtan sa pulis ang kawatan nga miiskápu, The policeman happened to get hold of the thief who was about to escape; 1c. hold on by sticking to it. Ang iskats tip mukubut kaáyu sa átung papitlan niíni, Scotch tape adheres well to whatever you stick it to. 2. occupy, hold a certain position or office. Ang katungdanan nga íyang gikubtan, The position he is holding; 3. handle, play, operate. Maáyu siyang mukubut sa sista, She plays the guitar well. Sipii ang nagkubut sa íyang libru sa tindáhan, A CPA takes care of the accounts in their store; 4. keep a mistress. Dúna siyay gikubtan nga hustis, He has a night club hostess for a mistress. (←) v. wed someone on his deathbed by just having the couple hold hands and blessing them. Kadaghan na makakúbut ang párì ug himatyung páris nga nabúhì, The priest has officiated at many deathbed weddings where the dying partner recovered. kubtanan n. handle. kinubtánan n. keepsake among close friends or sweethearts.