Meaning of kubad



a. 1. for children to be moving around too much, making a nuisance of themselves. Dì ta makasuwat dinhi kay kubad kaáyu ning mga bataána, I can’t write properly because these children are running about too much; 2. engaging in vice constantly. Kubad na kaáyu siya sa panúgal, He is a constant gambler; 3. thoughtless or tactless in speech. Naghisgut sa ákung kirída atubángan sa ákung asáwa. Dì ba nà kubad? He talked about my girl friend in front of my wife. That’s what I call stupid; 3a. asking questions when one knows the answer. Kubára nímu uy. Nakakità sa ákung gidala, nangutána pa, You sure are stupid. You saw what I brought, so why ask? v. 1. move around too much; 2. engage in a vice constantly. Nakubad siya sa babáyi, He became woman crazy; 3. become thoughtless in action and speech; 4. do things quickly in a rapid, careless manner. Mikubad man lang tug ági, He just walked by in a flash. Nagkubad ang bàbà ni Dyíni nga nakig-áway, Jenny’s mouth rattled away as she fought. (←) v. 1. move about much too much; 2. engage in a vice to an extreme degree. Mikúbad ang pinalitay sa balúta, There was rampant vote buying. Manday natigúwang, mikúbad sa pamabáyi, In his old age, he has gotten worse and worse in his lust for women.