Meaning of kuba



v. for the chest to tighten from fright or from suddenly realizing something frightening. Mikuba ang ákung dughan kay dihay misinggit, I got a tight feeling in my chest because I heard a scream. Gikubahan ku kay dinhay ákung nabyaan, I felt my chest tighten because I forgot something n. a pang in the chest from fright. (←) v. for the heart to beat in a pounding way. Nagkúba ákung dughan humag túngas sa bakilid, My heart pounded after I climbed the slope. kubakuba v. for the chest to pound wildly, repeatedly. Nagkubakuba ang ákung dughan samtang nagtíun ku sa liyun, My heart pounded wildly as I aimed at the lion.



see kulbà.