Meaning of kuaw



a. 1. for something packed in something to be lacking, not tightly filled. Ayaw ku baligyáig puspurung kuaw, Don’t sell me boxes of matches that are not filled. Kuawng itlug, An addled egg (egg that has failed to develop and has an empty area inside it). 2. — ug útuk addle-brained, confused, not having complete thinking functions. Kuaw ug útuk ang tigúwang, Mawálà ug mulakaw, The old woman is confused. She gets lost whenever she goes out. (←) v. 1. get to be lacking in content. Ngánung nakúaw man ning biskwit? Inyung gikan-an? How come this box of crackers isn’t full? Did you eat any of them? 2. for the brain to get confused.



v. disturb liquids, thrash them about; get disturbed. Mukúaw ang túbig sa subà kun magbahà, Water in the river gets all muddy when it floods. Ayaw kutáwa ang kapi kay makúaw ang linugdang, Don’t stir the coffee because you will stir up the sediment. (→) a. for liquids to be disturbed, mixed up.