Meaning of kláru



a. 1. clear, clearly defined and easily made out. Kláru ning ritratúha, This picture is clear. Kláru dinhi ang Buhul, You can see Bohol clearly from here. Kláru ang tútuy sa hugut nga bistídu, Her breasts stand out clearly in her tight dress. Kláru siyang bakákun, She is obviously a liar. Kláru ang tíngug níya sa tilipunu, Her voice on the phone was clear; 1a. — na lang obviously, naturally. Kláru na lang mangísug siyag dì ka mananghid, Naturally, she will get angry if you don’t ask permission; 2. unequivocal, definite. Way kláru tung inyung panagsábut, Your agreement hasn’t come to any definite results. Kláru na ang kadaúgan, Victory is clearly in our hands. Kláru pa sa adlaw nga musubang sa sidlakan, As sure as the sun will rise in the East; 3. for vision or optical instruments to enable the user to discern clearly. Kláru pa ang ákung panan-aw, I can still see clearly. Kláru ang mikruskupyu, The microscope offers a clear view; v. 1. see clearly; be, become distinct and clear. Makakláru lang kug tan-aw ug dúnay kibídu, I can see clearly only if I wear glasses. Makláru ang litra ug gamítan ug linti, The letters will be clear if you use a magnifying glass; 2. become clear, apparent; make something clear. Ug nagkláru ka pa dì ka untà dudáhan, Had you made yourself clear, you won’t have been suspected. Sa katapúsan nakláru na giyud kun kinsay sad-an, At last it came out clearly who was the guilty party. Klarúha (ikláru) unsay ímung túyù, Make it clear what you really want; 2a. tell someone frankly. Klarúhan ta kang dì nà mahímù, I’ll tell you frankly that that can’t be done; 2b. go ahead and really do something, not just do it half-way or a semblance of it. Nag-igwad-igwad kang bayúta ka. Kláruha na lang nag sáyaw, You wiggle your fanny so much when you walk, you fairy. Why don’t you just dance and be done with it? 3. find out for sure, make out something clearly. Nagkláru lang kug mangadtu ba ta run, I’m just trying to get it clear if we’re going or not. Nakakláru ka ba unsay íyang gisulti? Did you hear clearly what she said? Makláru ba ang ákung pustísu? Are my false teeth really obvious? klaruhay v. have something clear with each other, tell each other frankly. Sa katapúsan nagkaklaruhay na giyud sila unsáun pagbáyad sa útang, In the end they got it clear how to pay the debt.