Meaning of kítid



a. taking short and hurried steps, or stamping the feet in place; v. walk with short, hurried steps. Ang bátà mikítid pagsunud sa íyang pápa, The child walked with short and rapid steps following his father. (→) a. short in length or height. Kitid ang ákung lápis sa pagginámit, My pencil is worn short after being used so much. Ang magulang kitid kay sa manghud kay dì man kaáyu mukáun, The elder child is shorter than the younger one because he doesn’t eat much. Kitid na ang mga sinínà run, They are wearing short dresses these days; v. 1. see kítid, v; 2. shorten, become short. kitidkitid v. stamp the feet in place. Nagkitidkitid ang bátà kay wà paubana, The child stamped his feet because they would not take him along.