Meaning of kinhas



(from hunas) v. 1. gather seashells on tidal flats. Sayun nang kinhásun kay magmata, It’s an easy kind of shell to gather because it is open; 2. go around caroling for money (slang). paN- v. 1. gather shells. Manginhas ta inighunas, Let’s gather shells when it’s low tide; 2. get hold of money by any means whatsoever, usually dubious. Manginhas kug ipangmadyung diri sa bulsa sa ákung bána, I’m going through my husband’s pockets to find some change to play mahjong with; 2a. go caroling for money (slang). -un(→) n. seashells. -in-an n. 1. seashells one has gathered; 2. money acquired by dubious ways; 2a. money acquired by caroling.