Meaning of kílaw



v. 1. eat something raw or unripe. Kiláwun sa bátà ang bugas, The baby will eat the rice raw; 1a. eat vegetables slightly cooked or raw fish or meat together with vinegar and spices. Maáyung kiláwun ang púsù sa ságing, The end of a bunch of bananas is good for salads; 1b. have a raw seafood eating spree. Magkílaw ta sa hunásan, Let’s have a raw seafood party at the seashore; 2. take care of a task handily and easily. Kiláwun lang níya ang mát, He’ll just breeze through mathematics; 2a. -un ug way sukàsúkà I’d like to make mince meat out of you (lit. cut you up for raw fish without vinegar). Kagágu bayà nímu. Maáyu giyud kang kiláwun ug way sukàsúkà, What a dumbbell you are. I’d like to make mince meat out of you; 3. see kilawkílaw; n. raw seafood to eat. Nindut ang kílaw ug dúnay tubà, Raw seafood goes well with palm toddy. -in- n. a dish, usually of raw foods prepared with vinegar and spices; v. prepare or eat kinílaw. -un(→), -nun n. something for eating raw, esp. raw fish meat. kilawkílaw v. speak hurriedly with poor enunciation. Unsáun pagsabut nga gikilawkílaw man lang níya ang íyang pakigpúlung? How could people understand when he just mumbled his speech hurriedly?