Meaning of kilat



n. lightning



n. lightning. kusug pa sa — faster than greased lightning; v. 1. for lightning to flash. Mukílat gánì, dúna giyuy dalugdug, Where there is lightning, there is thunder; 1a. -an curse hoping lightning strikes someone, esp. for doing something immoral. Nagpabaliw ang amahan ug anak. Kilátan pa untà, The father and daughter are having sexual relations. May lightning strike them! 2. have a lucky break in a seemingly impossible situation (lit. have lightning flash at one). Mupalit kug tíkit sa swipstiks uruy. Ug kilátan dì madátù unyà ku, I’ll buy a sweepstakes ticket. Who knows. If I get a lucky break, I’ll be rich. Musúkul ta bísag maáyu sila. Básin pag kilátan nga makadaug, We will play against them, strong as they are. Who knows we might get a break and win; 3. be done with lightning speed. Gipanggútum ang kabatáan kay gikilátan lang ang pagkáun sa lamísa, The children must have been hungry because they finished their food with a lightning speed. paN-(→) v. for lightning to be flashing intensely. Dautan ang panahun kay nagpangilat, The weather is bad and the sky is ablaze with flashes of lightning. -nun a. with lightning speed.