Meaning of kibag



a. 1. behaving in a strange and socially unacceptable way: tactless in speech, oblivious to the propriety of what one is saying or doing. Kibag ang íyang pamisti kay way nakabadlung níya, She dresses immodestly because no one ever told her what was proper. Kibága nímu uy! Dì tu níya mutsátsa. Asáwa tu, You idiot! That wasn’t a maid. That was his wife; 2. not to the point, not reasonable. Kibag tung ímung tubag. Swítu kug unsay nahitabù. Tug-áni kug kinsa, You didn’t answer my question. I know what happened so just tell me who did it; v. 1a. be, become improper in one’s behavior. Ug mag-ismágul ka sa simbahan kibagan giyud ang mga táwu, If you wear rubber slippers to church, the people will consider it bad manners; 1b. do something in a socially unacceptable way. ‘Ma! Nía na ag yàyà,’ mipakibag ug singgit ang bátà, ‘Mom! The old goat you were talking about has arrived,’ shouted the little girl thoughtlessly; 2. get off the point, be unreasonable.