Meaning of káwas



v. 1. get, bring out of a vehicle. Tabángi kug káwas íring kahun gíkan sa trák, Help me unload the box from the truck. Nikáwas na ang tanang pasahíru sa barku, All the passengers have gotten off the ship. Ikáwas ang mga kargamintu sa dyíp, Unload the cargo off of the jeep first; 2. get, bring something out of the water. Mikáwas siya gíkan sa línaw, She came out of the water. Ikáwas ang báling, Pull in the net; 2a. for solids to come out of their container. Mikáwas ákung tiil sa sapátus kay gitubúan, My feet came out of my shoes because I outgrew them. Iduut ang mga bulingun kay nanggáwas na nà sa bàbà, Press down on the laundry because it is coming out of the hamper. — sa kalindaryu for a woman’s age to get to be more than the days of the calendar (and thus be beyond the age of marriage). Dì na tingáli siya maminyù kay nikáwas na man sa kalindaryu ang íyang idad, I doubt if she will get married because her age has outgrown the calendar; n. on dry land. Mamatay ang isdà sa káwas, Fish won’t survive on dry land.